Weight Loss Lecture Series: The Science of Why You Can’t Lose Weight

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The Science of Why You Can’t Lose Weight

(Presenters: Alvin Antony, MD | Jennifer Yap, DO | William Mayo, PAC MS)

Saturday May 21st: 10:30 am    

Limited Seating

Free to the first 25 Responders. Must RSVP by May 7th.  

After May 7th Registration is $25.

Email: info@carolinasportsandspine.com to RSVP

Phone: 252-442-4024 to Reserve your seat

Online: carolinasportsandspine.com use Contact Us page to register

Topics Covered:  The Science of Why You Can’t Lose Weight

  • Learn which foods boost weight loss
  • Use the right equipment (waterproof spray for shoes is a good product for your training shoes)
  • How to supercharge your brain to promote weight loss
  • Why Diets don’t work
  • What Supplements support your metabolism for fat burning
  • Is your body inflamed?
  • The best exercises to boost your brain for weight loss
  • How does stress contribute to weight gain
  • Detox for weight loss
  • How to end Food Cravings
  • How to break the habit of Emotional Eating
  • The French Paradox
  • How to break Sugar addiction for which you can also get help at https://www.best-companies.co.uk/addiction-rehab-clinics/ 
  • How can I avoid DIABISITY

Tons of resources to begin your healthy weight journey…..

Location: Carolina Sports and Spine Lecture Hall: 1026 N Winstead Ave, Rocky Mount, NC  27804

Saturday May 21st: 10:30 am