The Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

The Top 5 Herbs to Reduce Inflammation

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Modern Western Diet is pro-inflammatory mainly because of all the processed foods that we eat and imbalances in the omega-6’s to omega-3’s.  Eating more natural unprocessed foods and food rich in omega-3’s can reduce inflammation, decrease pain and help you lose weight.  Further, certain herbs CBD and best CBD oil for pain and ingredients carry potent anti-inflammatory properties.  Try to incorporate these CBD and sleep anti-inflammatory herbs and ingredients into your cooking and you could be on the right path to weight loss, more energy, better pain management, and weight loss.

  1. Green Tea

  2. Capsaicin (from cayenne pepper)

  3. Ginger

  4. Turmeric (yellow spice found in curries)

  5. Cocoa (Dark Chocolate 70% or more Cocoa)

  6. Eco Watch

If you suspect excessive inflammation in your body, ask your healthcare professional to run certain blood tests that measure the amount of inflammation in your body like c-reactive protein. For more on natural health boosting products that can help you, you should read this new post about what doctors think of piracetam.

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