Kyphoplasty Procedure

L3 Compression fracture

A Kyphoplasty procedure is a type of vertebral augmentation procedure for compression fractures that occur in osteoporotic vertebral bodies. Compression fractures can be extremely painful conditions and fracture stabilization can greatly improve the patient’s mobility and respiratory ability.


During a kyphoplasty procedure, a narrow spinal needle is directed through the pedicle using fluoroscopy into the optimal position inside the affected vertebral body.  The doctor will insert a special balloon through the needle and into the vertebral body.  the balloon is inflated to elevate the fracture, returning the vertebral body to near normal height.  Additionally, a cavity is created inside the vertebrae.

The balloon is then removed and a cement-like substance called polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is injected slowly and carefully into the space. The PMMA is of a paste-like consistency but hardens quickly, stabilizing the bone.kyphoplasty-carolinasportsandspine

Kyphoplasty procedures are safely performed under local anesthetic medications in procedure rooms and in hospital settings. The procedure can take anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes per level depending on the complexity of the case.

Care should be taken to avoid further fractures by appropriately treating the underlying causes of the fractures with osteoporosis management.

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