Tennis Elbow: New Biological Breakthrough Treatments

Do you love tennis but your elbow pain is too much to bear? Do you love fishing but can’t stand the elbow pain? You may have a condition known as Tennis Elbow. If the elbow pain has been present for longer than 6 months, then you may have chronic lateral epicondylitis. Well, New Breakthrough treatments at Carolina Sports and Spine for lateral epicondylitis are proving beneficial to end the suffering of thousands of patients. What is Lateral Epicondylitis or tennis … Read More

Alzheimer’s Prevention

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Reducing our Alzheimer’s risk must start early in life in order to make meaningful changes.  Changing our eating habits to fight Alzheimer’s Dementia is the most effective way to limit our risk.  One of the cornerstones of Alzheimer’s Prevention (AP) is reducing inflammation in the body.  Reducing Alzheimer’s risk and lowering inflammation can be achieved by a variety of means. Losing weight, limiting calories, consuming a more ketogenic diet, evening fasting, consuming more high-quality proteins, hormone balancing, consuming anti-inflammatory foods … Read More

Weight Loss Lecture Series: The Science of Why You Can’t Lose Weight

The Science of Why You Can’t Lose Weight (Presenters: Alvin Antony, MD | Jennifer Yap, DO | William Mayo, PAC MS) Saturday May 21st: 10:30 am     Limited Seating Free to the first 25 Responders. Must RSVP by May 7th.   After May 7th Registration is $25. Email: to RSVP Phone: 252-442-4024 to Reserve your seat Online: use Contact Us page to register Topics Covered:  The Science of Why You Can’t Lose Weight Learn which foods boost weight … Read More

The Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

The Top 5 Herbs to Reduce Inflammation   Modern Western Diet is pro-inflammatory mainly because of all the processed foods that we eat and imbalances in the omega-6’s to omega-3’s.  Eating more natural unprocessed foods and food rich in omega-3’s can reduce inflammation, decrease pain and help you lose weight.  Further, certain herbs and ingredients carry potent anti-inflammatory properties.  Try to incorporate these anti-inflammatory herbs and ingredients into your cooking and you could be on the right path to weight … Read More

The 7 Most Important Decisions You Can Make to Avoid Back Surgery (Part 3 of 7)

The 7 Most Important Decisions You Can Make to Avoid Back Surgery (Part 3/7) Decide to get Skinny Of course, we live in a society of great abundance and it shows in so many negative ways.  We suffer from alarming obesity rates mainly because we carry thrifty genes.  These thrifty genes helped our ancestors survive times of extreme famine by storing excess food as fat on our bodies.  Unfortunately, these thrifty genes work against us in times of tremendous abundance … Read More

The 7 Most Important Decisions You Can Make to Avoid Back Surgery (Part 2/7)

(This post is part of a 7-part series focused on exploring options to help you avoid Back Surgery)   2. Decide to be ACTIVE versus Sedentary. I know several patients that were able to cancel back surgery by giving up their inactive lifestyle and focusing on being active.  The bony spine is a large structure that carries a large majority of our upper body weight.  The spine could not carry this weight without the help of the muscles and ligaments … Read More

The 7 Most Important Decisions You Can Make to Avoid Back Surgery (Part 1/7)

Radiofrequency ablation for back pain (This is a 7-part series that will help you explore decisions that could help you avoid Back Surgery. Always talk to your doctor before starting any health program to see if it’s right for you.) First, we need to understand a little about the sources and causes of back pain.  Unfortunately, there are many sources for a person’s back pain. the main sources are muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, joints and nervous tissues.  Anyone of tissues … Read More

Oxidative Stress, Sunglasses and Green Sludge

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Oxidative stress is the “rusting” that happens in our bodies.  Oxidative stress happens as a result of free radical exposure, not the free radicals that live at Berkeley.  It is the cellular damage that we experience everyday as a result of exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays and radiation, toxins like the ones found in tobacco smoke, and excessive calorie intake which creates even more free radicals.  If you have every seen an old lady who worshiped the sun, … Read More

Do you have Insulin resistance and Weight Gain…..?

Insulin Resistance The human body is a remarkable machine that has developed a number of functions to keep us alive and reproducing. In order to facilitate these functions, the body has certain chemical messengers called hormones which tell cells in the body how to behave.  Insulin is a vital messenger hormone, facilitating energy production and energy storage. If insulin is not working correctly, the body behaves maladaptively to compensate for the failure of insulin. Experts estimate that 25 to 30% … Read More

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